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I have wanted to do something about my teeth for as long as I can remember. Whilst I was at high school, I asked my mum to take me to the dentist so I could get braces. The dentist said that although my teeth were a bit uneven they weren’t bad enough to get braces on the NHS. Thinking that given time my teeth would naturally straighten themselves, we didn’t go ahead with any treatment.

I have since established a career as a model and obviously my smile plays a key role in my professional life. A smile is the first thing people will notice and remember. I work in an industry where I am often judged on how I look at a casting and in my photographs. Therefore, I finally made the decision to have cosmetic dentistry to further my modelling career.

Whilst doing my research, I noticed how much cosmetic dentistry has advanced over the years. A lot of people who aren’t in the entertainment industry are getting their smiles transformed in a way that looks naturally beautiful. It was these natural results that first attracted me to The Welbeck Clinic near Harley Street, London.



The Consultation:

I decided to book a consultation with the award-winning, Dr Rogieh Ilaty. At the consultation, we discussed what it was that I wanted to change about my smile and Dr Ilaty gave me the different options that were available. The best option for me was to have 8 porcelain veneers at the top, whitening of my remaining teeth and gum contouring to even out my gum line. Dr Ilaty explained to me that the veneers which the clinic use are very thin and are tailored to fit each individual’s mouth perfectly without looking fake. Also, it was nice to hear that my real teeth would only would require minimal preparation so they would virtually remain intact! Dr Ilaty took some photos of my smile and used computer imaging to show me what my veneers would look like. It was amazing! We decided upon a shape and colour that suited my age and face type. I was very happy with how the consultation went so I decided to book my treatment there and then!

The Welbeck Clinic: Arriving for my consultation (My natural teeth)


Soon after, I returned to the clinic to get impressions of my teeth taken. This involved me getting moulds of my upper and lower teeth and having my bite checked. I then had a couple of x-rays of my mouth which were instantly available to view on the computer screen. Dr Ilaty also took the ‘before’ photographs of my teeth from several different angles.

The Welbeck Clinic: Getting Impressions & X-Rays


Teeth Preparation & Temporary Veneers & Whitening:

A week later, I was ready to have my teeth prepared and fitted with temporary veneers. After my mouth was numbed, I had minimal preparation on my teeth. The whole preparation stage was pain-free with very little discomfort. My temporaries were then secured into place. Following this, I required whitening on my bottom teeth to match the shade I had chosen for my veneers on the top. (Shade B3) This was a series of three 15-minute zoom laser sessions. After the whitening, Dr Ilaty gave me a mirror for me to view my new temporary veneers. What a transformation! Dr Ilaty informed me that I would wear the temporary veneers for two weeks and during this time I could let her know if there were any changes I would like to make before the final veneers were fitted. E.g. You can ask to change the shape, size, colour, bite – anything – to ensure that you will be happy with the end results.

The Welbeck Clinic: Wearing my new temporary veneers

Wearing the Temporary Veneers:

I left the clinic with my new temporary veneers to have for two weeks. This was an important time for me to get used to the look, fit and feel of the temporaries and to make a note of anything that might need adjusting before my final porcelain veneers were fitted. To protect the temporaries from staining, I was advised to avoid foods that may contain heavy colouring or are more difficult to eat. This is because the temporary veneers are made of a less hard-wearing material as they are designed to be easily removed for the final veneers to be fitted. During these two weeks, I was also given a home whitening kit for me to whiten my bottom teeth in my spare time. I am pleased to report I experienced no pain or discomfort from my temporary veneers during the two weeks that I wore them!


Porcelain Veneers Fitting – The Results:

The day of my porcelain veneers fitting finally arrived and I made my way to The Welbeck Clinic to have my temporaries veneers removed and my new permanent smile fitted! I was mixture of nerves and excitement because I was finally about to get the smile I had been dreaming of for many years! I needn’t have been worried because when I arrived Dr Ilaty presented me with my new teeth and they were everything I could have ever asked for! I was numbed again whilst my temporaries were then removed and replaced with my final veneers. Again, this was pain free with very little discomfort. When the veneers were on, the first thing I noticed was how silky smooth they felt – very natural and like my own teeth (but much straighter)! Dr Ilaty handed me the mirror and I got to admire my sparkling new smile for the first time. Wow! They looked beautiful and just how I had envisioned they could look! Needless to say I was very happy with the results! After double checking my bite, to finish the appointment, Dr Ilaty took an impression of my teeth for a night-guard to protect them from teeth grinding.


MY NEW SMILE (8 Porcelain Veneers + Gum Contouring + Whitening)

The lovely, talented lady behind my smile makeover – Dr Rogieh Ilaty (below)

If you are interested in having a smile makeover or any sort of cosmetic dentistry contact the Welbeck Clinic for a chat on: 020 7486 8100  / Email:

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