Summer Skin All Year Round

The leaves are falling, the fashion is changing and our tans are fading. Autumn is officially here!

Yes, those Summer days have gone.. *Sigh* But it doesn’t mean our tans have to too! *Hooray!*

I’ve found two products that I adore right now that are keeping me looking sun-kissed without the need for the sun…


1. Tancream:

This is the world’s first SPF50 and self-tan! I cannot praise this product enough. What’s so great about Tancream is that the formula is a blend of organic sunscreens, gradual self-tanning and instant bronzing. This means upon first application you’ll get an immediate sun-kissed look from the bronzer whilst you wait for your gradual self-tan to develop AND you’re getting that all-important protection from harmful UVA/UVB rays! I also noticed that Tancream it doesn’t have an odour like most tanning products! PLUS – It’s streak free! It’s a great product if you want that natural-looking tan all year round. For more info check out the website at:


2. Velvotan:


Another product I have been raving about recently is the original self tanning mitt by Velvotan. This little product is an absolute ESSENTIAL when it comes to applying fake tan. (We’ve all experienced that embarrassing orange-hands look after self-tanning!) Worry no longer, as this amazing product works with ANY self-tan formula to help you achieve an all-over, streak-free tan without the mess! Goodbye #faketanfail hands!

Oh, and did I mention that Velvotan Mitts are washable and come in all these cute designs!

Have a look online at:

Happy Tanning – whatever the weather!


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