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This week’s collaboration comes from Peppermint Grove Australia –

The last few months, I’ve had to endure London’s bitterly cold weather so when ‘Peppermint Grove Australia’ sent me some of their newest luxury fragrance products to try, it was a huge pick-me-up. I welcomed the gifts into my home with open arms. (Literally too as they’d sent me a massive box of loveliness – thank you Peppermint Grove!) 🙂

I’ll admit, I had spent several days straight indoors hibernating from the outside world (due to the recent heavy snow fall) so I couldn’t wait to see what goodies I could brighten up my home with.



I was thrilled to open a box greeted with a beautiful array of products which included scented candles, a diffuser and bath & body products. I was even more excited to see that they had kindly personalised the silver candle lids with my name and website alias.



The first candle I lit was the large Wild Jasmine & Mint candle (above)The fragrance is described as “a classic and sophisticated white floral fragrance, reminiscent of the magnificent century old private gardens found within the Southern Highlands.” I love fresh, floral scents so this was like heaven to me – a perfect summers day. The candle also has two wicks so the aroma circulates the room quickly.

Next I decided to light the smaller candle, the Burnt Fig & Pear (below). This had a delicious fruity fragrance. Much more warm and sultry. It’s described as being “inspired by the sun-ripened orchards of the beautiful Margaret River Wine Region.” I would use it in the evening as it’s definitely a more warm and cosy smell.



The room diffuser is Patchouli & Bergamot. It’s a beautiful oriental aroma that really fills you with a sense of freedom and opportunities! (Might sound strange but there’s no other way to describe it!) It’s quite a unique euphoric smell. It’s a great size too, and should last up to six months.



Next, I moved on to the bath & body products. I received the Red Plum & Rose Hand Cream and the Freesia & Berries Beauty Bar Soap.

The hand cream is wonderfully thick in texture and smells divine! It’s the perfection combination of floral and fruity. The soap is a fruit-filled too and is a great pamper product. In fact, both of these two items would make perfect gifts for a loved one, so I’ve just decided I’m going to give mine to my mum for Mothers Day. 🙂



The whole Peppermint Grove Australia range is really modern and stylish. Everything looks as good as they smell. I love the silver candle lids which double-up as a protective base while burning. As I mentioned earlier, they can be personalised with initials or a personal message. (A lovely idea if it’s for a wedding or birthday present.) The glass used is highly polished and finished with a trademark bevelled style.



The designs all really compliment each other in an arrangement. They look especially good on mantelpiece / fireplace as a focus point to a room. Or perhaps in a hallway opposite the front door as a statement piece for your guests to see when they walk in.



If you’re looking to add new fragrances and style to your home (or to someone elses!) then I would definitely recommend the Peppermint Grove Australia range to you! Here’s a link to their website if you’d like to have a browse of their products:


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