ONE™ By Clear Skin Max

In my teens, I had terrible skin. Not just the odd spot once a month but all over facial acne. It was sore and embarrassing. I never tried to treat the problem, instead I just tried to hide it all under make-up. I could never leave the house unless I was wearing my make-up mask. I felt insecure if my natural skin was on show fearing people would judge me.

I’d have never have believed then that a few years down the line I would be working as a professional model confident enough to have photographers taking photos of me! Thankfully, my skin calmed down over the years and I can often go out without having to wear a layer of foundation.

Like most people though, I still get the odd breakout of spots but instead of disguising the affected area I have learnt to treat it!

This week, while my skin was playing up so I decided to put ONE™ BY CLEAR SKIN MAX to the test ! This is an external liquid treatment from Bauer Nutrition‘s beauty range.

ONE™ BY CLEAR SKIN MAX is a blend of natural ingredients that reduces redness and inflammation whilst helping fight spots and heal your skin.

How to use…

It’s very easy to apply! After cleansing your skin, use the dropper to put a few drops onto clean fingertips and gently smooth over the affected area.

Extra drops can be added to the skin during the day. The bottle is small enough to pop inside a handbag so it’s great for soothing spots on the go. (Plus it has a nice fragrance – it smells a bit like coca-cola!)

Here is my skin (above) with no make-up showing my blemishes.


After only a couple of days and a few applications later, my skin has cleared up perfectly! (Photo below also without makeup or editing.) I made a habit of applying the drops just before bed and first thing in the morning on cleansed skin. I couldn’t believe the results!

I wish this product had been around whilst I was in high-school ! I recommend this product to anyone that has a problem with mild to severe acne as it contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

Beware – there are products out there that claim to help fight spots but just leave your skin feeling dry, red and raw!

That’s one thing I love about ONE™ BY CLEAR SKIN MAX is that the ingredients are all natural and proven to prevent infection and encourage healing. 

It’s great because now I can wear my make-up again without worrying about what’s hiding underneath!


CLICK ON MY CAT BELOW (!) if you’re interested in purchasing or reading more about ONE™ BY CLEAR SKIN MAX.

(Oh and there’s a 60-Day No Fuss, Money Back Guarantee too!)




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