My Date With The Dermatologist!

Being a full time model, it’s very important that I take good care of my skin. When I turn up to a photo shoot with a bare face there is normally a make-up artist waiting for me and they apply foundation and other makeup. However, it doesn’t matter how good the makeup is or the makeup artist, it is essential for me to have good skin underneath.

There are a lot of factors that could affect how your skin looks. One of these might be the change in the weather. Winter can be particularly harsh on the skin with the colder temperatures outside and dry, stuffy heating inside. Your skin is going from one extreme to the other in a matter of seconds. The weather and the environment can dry out the skin and may cause red and blotchy patches.

During those dark winter months many of us may turn to sugary, fatty comfort foods which can sometimes affect the appearance of the skin. The skin is in fact an organ and is the largest organ of the body. It’s purpose is to protect the body from physical damage, infection and dehydration.

But do you ever think about what effects all these seasonal changes and eating habits are having on your skin?

Nope, me neither!

That was, until I was at my skin consultation at the West London Dermatology Centre in Chiswick, London :

My appointment was with Michelle. She began by doing an assessment of my skin and asking me about my daily skin routine and my eating habits. We then discussed particular areas of concern regarding my skin and what treatments might be suitable for the type of skin that I have. After showing me a computer presentation we decided that I should have the following treatments:

After prepping my skin, Michelle applied the Skinova Blue Tidal Enzyme Peel. This is a fruity enzyme treatment that contains pineapple and papaya. It was perfect for my dehydrated and sensitive skin. The treatment took approximately ten minutes.

I then had a mild microdermabrasion. This is a non-surgical removal of dead skin cells which helps to make the skin look revitalised. Using a handset, microcrystals are moved across the skin and the dead skin cells are then removed through a mild vacuuming action. The setting can be adjusted depending on the skin type.

Finally, I had the Regenlite Skin Rejuvenation. This is a treatment which involves a handheld medical lazer which is applied close to the skin. This light treatment stimulates the body’s natural response to produce collagen which is great for targeting acne, scars, tightening the skin and reducing wrinkles. Regenlite Lazer feels warm and comfortable on the skin and although the treatment doesn’t take very long it is advisable to have several sessions to achieve the best results which will be noticeable in up to three months.

After my treatments, Michelle and I discussed my aftercare skin routine and she gave me some free samples to take home. She encouraged me to wear a sunscreen on my face everyday, even during the Winter months! My skin already looks noticeably fresher and smoother and I didn’t feel any discomfort after having any of the treatments. I would definitely recommend the West London Dermatology Centre for any skin problems you may have!

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