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As we age, our teeth naturally become discoloured – especially when we drink lots of tea, coffee and red wine! Many people resort to expensive dental treatments but if you could achieve the same result in your own home at a fraction of the price, would you try it?

I thought I’d give it a go and test two teeth whitening products by Mist London.

The first is the ‘COCO Activated Charcoal Powder‘. At first glance, you may be surprised. The powder is black. How can something so black make your teeth so white? Well I did a bit of research and here’s the science behind it. Activated charcoal has an adhesive quality that binds to everything in its path, such as stains, tartar and bacteria. It works by drawing out and absorbing toxins and chemicals into its millions of tiny pores. I decided to put the theory into practice!

It’s a really easy to use – Just add a pinch of powder to the tip of a wet toothbrush, brush for 2 mins then rinse after. The powder is odourless and tasteless. I have the ‘NUDE’ edition which has no flavour. But you can get the same product in Berry, Lime or Mint flavour if you’re looking for something a little different. The only ingredient is: Raw Coconut Shell Activated Charcoal! And it’s cruelty-free!


I love this product – it takes off surface stains but isn’t abrasive like other whitening products I’ve used in the past! It’s a great addition to your brushing routine to keep your smile looking it’s brightest! (Tip: Don’t wear a white top like me when using this as it can get a little messy!)


The second product from the Mist London range is the ‘Smile & Glow Teeth Whitening LED Kit‘. I’ve seen similar products before but what’s so unique about this kit is that it uses a special cold-light technology that you can plug straight into the bottom of your iPhone or Android phone! [There’s also a USB attachment included too so you can basically use this anywhere!]

Firstly you apply the whitening gel on to your teeth using one of the three whitening pens provided. Then place the mouthpiece over your teeth & switch on the light. Sit back & relax then after 16 minutes remove the mouthpiece and check out your new whiter smile! There’s a teeth shade guide so you can view your progress.

I love both of the products I tried from the Mist London range. They are simple enough to include in your every-day routine without taking up too much time. Plus they are an affordable way of keeping your teeth sparkling white and not break the bank!

Why not try them out for yourself: www.mistlondon.com

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