Tell A Story With Your Timepiece: JORD Wooden Watches

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I have partnered up with JORD Watches to bring you the opportunity to win $100 off a watch of your choice from this stylish brand! (Scroll down to enter!)

If you aren’t familiar with JORD Watches, they’re a company located in St. Louis, Missouri run by artists, designers and marketers who create stunning timepieces modelled after a modern lifestyle. What’s so unique about JORD is that all of their watches are handcrafted with 100% natural wood!

Cassia Series – Walnut & Vintage Rose

JORD were kind enough to send me my own unique watch to try on for size (and I have to say it was a perfect fit!) I went for the Walnut & Vintage Rose Watch from the Cassia series (above). It arrived in a beautiful wooden box with a pull out drawer which I will definitely be keeping to store my new timepiece.

Having grown up in the countryside but now living in the city, for me my new JORD watch reminds me of my childhood and playing outdoors amongst the trees! I love the idea of adding a touch of nature to my everyday personal style! The rose-gold dial and links are really modern so it doubles up as a fashionable piece of jewellery too!
There are a wide selection of wooden watches to choose from for both men and women. All the watches are really different to other designs you see out there. You can tell that a lot of thought and inspiration have gone into creating and constructing each individual piece. The watches for men are so varied and each one tells a story. One that stood out is the Maple from the Fieldcrest Series. Here’s the description:

“We grew up on tree lined streets with slow driving cars, and plenty of friends to play on the pavement with. No matter the season, the weather was always perfect and the sun always went down too soon. Life is good. Life is simple. No need for the bells and whistles. Just like our Fieldcrest Series. Let the blond wood of the maple be a constant reminder of those warm and sunny days.”

You can really get a feel for the passion and fond memories that have been channelled into this design!

The watches for women are as equally beautiful. Here’s one I picked out from Cora Series – the Zebrawood & Turquoise. The description reads:

“The small things do matter. Those tiny little pieces of perfection that add complexity and colour to your everyday, they matter. Every facet and feature, every unexpected element, and every last detail will not go unnoticed. Dive into the cool Turquoise tones of our Cora, perfectly balanced by the warm and untamed Zebrawood grain. Crafted to be adored, this timepiece was created for you.”

If you’re looking to customise a watch with a personal message or design, JORD offers a watch engraving service too!

Now you know more about JORD Watches, I’d love to offer you the chance to win your own one-of-a-kind timepieces via the link below:




Competition Rules:

  • The contest will close August 5th at 11:59pm.
  • Once the contest closes, the JORD watches system will randomly select a winner and email them immediately with their winning code. All other entrants will also be emailed their consolation 10% off code then as well. GOOD LUCK!

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