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Everyone loves a bit of IKEA on a rainy day. (Or on a sunny day for that matter) It’s virtually impossible to wander through the showrooms without leaving inspired to do that decorating you’ve been putting off for a while.

I’ve always loved lounging in the pretend living room or bedroom sets surrounded by fairy lights, furry rugs and comfy cushions declaring to myself, ‘I could live here’. I don’t know about you, but there’s something about seeing pretty interiors that motivates me to get creative.

I enjoy making things, I always have. When I was little my mum taught me how to use her sewing machine so I used to make things out of old clothes – cushions, bags, anything I could think of. My dad also built me and my sisters a tree house so it was great to have a little room that we could decorate ourselves. (Mainly with pop star posters, stickers and inflatable furniture / picture frames – gotta love the 90’s!) There’s that feeling of accomplishment though at the end that will always stick with me. If you put the hard work in you will reap the benefits. And we did, we loved that tree house we spent many weekends and summers there.

I think that’s why I enjoy places like IKEA. There’s that sense of creative freedom there that can make even the most unimaginative person feel inspired. If you’re not one for painting or putting together flat-packed furniture, perhaps you’d be more inclined to the styling aspect of it all. (It’s amazing what a new set of curtains or a vase of flowers can do to a room!) That’s why today, I have strolled around IKEA looking for items to help give your room a quick make-over, the easy way! Here are some of my cute in-store finds…


Never underestimate the power of a good picture frame. I love this stylish white frame (above) which holds three pictures. It’s a bargain at £5. You can customise with your own photos or buy wall art that fits separately. If you re-design your room at a later date you can always change what’s inside it – simples!

Either you’ll love it or hate it but this zebra rug one is a real statement piece. (And it’s a faux hide obviously!) It’s another affordable purchase at only £25 and will certainly be a conversation piece to anyone that comes over. Oh and fashion/lifestyle blogger Sarah Ashcroft has a similar one so there’s another excuse to go and get one!

Now, this one is a practical piece so you can finally organise the contents of your drawers! It’s such a simple idea but it’s a way of keeping all your underwear, socks, belts and jewellery (or anything) stored neatly so you can find it. I already have one at home and it’s made my mornings so much easier! At £6 for a set of 6, I don’t see another option but to buy it!

Feel like a movie-star with this chrome-plated wall lamp. If you want your dressing table to have that real celebrity-vibe buy three and get them installed around the top half of a mirror. The bulbs are bright LED’s so they would be perfect lighting for you to do your makeup or to take a perfect selfie!

I do love a candle or ten and IKEA is the kind of place where it’s the norm to be seen sniffing as many as you can find. These scented block candles will make your home look and smell sweet. The pink ‘Lugga’ 3-pack above is priced at £5.

So you’ve just bought your new candles and you’re looking for a cute holder. Look no further as here are two I have scouted out for you! The one on the left is £5 and the one on the right is £9. Both have a decorative finish so the light from the candle shines beautifully through the pattern.

This ‘Stunsig’ cushion cover (£5) is all kinds of weird-prettiness. I love the colours and you can also buy a matching plate, mug and tray if you wanted to continue the theme.

I don’t have a room divider.. but I want one. I like this wooden one (above) I spotted. £35 (reduced from £45). It would look good in a walk-in wardrobe or even better if you want to hide those boxes you have in the corner of your room.

Speaking of boxes, IKEA is like storage-box heaven. So if like me, you like to make storage a feature in your room why not go for a set of 3 that match?! They are perfect for all your loose bits and bobs. I like using them to store hair and make-up products. There are lots of designs to choose from so have a look online or in-store to see what takes your fancy. These flamingo ones are £12 for a set of 3. (If you like flamingos, don’t forget to check out my Flamingo Fashion post here: https://missblogger.co.uk/flamingo-fun/)

If wicker baskets are more of your thing, IKEA has a great selection of those too. They are ideal for keeping your letters or magazines tidy. Great for a home that has more of a rustic / countryside feel.

Large pictures like this one really add to the style of a room. Plus they are great if you have an empty wall that needs filling. I love this New York picture (above) for £30. It would work well with a black/white themed room or maybe for a room that is more minimalist as it’s quite busy to look at. There are lots of other pictures to choose from too. They do several romantic Paris ones or iconic London scenes. It made me want to theme each of my rooms after a different city!

Fairy lights. If you don’t like them then I’m afraid we can never be friends. I adore them and I think they look great draped around mirrors, bed posts or even bundled into a large kilner jar to make a great centrepiece on a table. (It doesn’t have to be Christmas to enjoy these magical beauties!)

You can’t go wrong with this Pendant Lamp Shade for £8. A new shade can do wonders in changing the style of a room and this white one would give any room a simple and modern feel.

After all that styling, you’re going to want a glass of the good stuff. I love this cute pink 2-set from the tableware department!

Couldn’t help but share another picture frame with you. If you love that shabby-chic look this ornate frame will be perfect for you. IKEA also sell a very similar style black mirror for a more gothic mood. The frame (above) is £26.

Let’s finish with my favourite department – the fake flowers! If (like me) keeping plants alive isn’t one of your strong points then you can’t wrong with these. IKEA stocks a really good range of fake flowers (as well as real ones I should probably add) But if you want that pretty look everyday without the hassle then opting for fake flowers is a good, inexpensive idea. Some of them look very realistic and it wasn’t until I touched them that I found out they weren’t. You can buy them in single stems, bunches or pre-potted with fake soil! You can team them with nice pots and vases too – the perfect way to style your room!

If you’d like to read more about the products listed in my blog post have a look at IKEA online at:



All photographs taken by MissBlogger.co.uk

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