How To: Become An Instagram Influencer (15 Tips For Success)

Despite how it may appear, to become an influencer or ambassador you have to put in a lot of work. However, if you are creative, engaging and authentic your social following should grow naturally. I’ve come up with 15 Tips that have personally helped me to grow my channel. Take a read below!


1 – Find a niche and stick to it.

What are your skills? What are you most passionate about? Use that to form the basis of your brand. You should enjoy creating your posts so if you love what you do you can’t really go wrong!

2 – Don’t copy other people.

It’s ok to find inspiration from others but if you are straight up copying other people’s posts you are never going to have your own original content to be proud of. Maybe think outside of the box a little…

3 – Decide on your aesthetic.

Every successful brand has something unique about them so try and decide what you want this to be and aim to display this through your content. Use colours and images that represent you and your work. It will help people recognise your brand and become familiar with it.

4 – Plan your posts.

Followers like to see varied content, it’s much more pleasing to the eye if you don’t post all the same photos together – maybe spread them out with different photos in between. This can take a bit of self-discipline but you’ll notice your feed will start to look more visually appealing than if you just posted five different versions of the same selfie. (Don’t forget to make use of the Instagram Stories feature too!)

5 – Post on a regular basisbut not too often!

On Instagram, people can get bored easily and if their news feed is clogged up with your 10 latest holiday snaps all posted within a minute of each other it is bound to annoy people so they’ll probably just unfollow you. If you insist on posting multiple snaps though, there is an option to do it all in one post with the handy swipe option to scroll through the images. Consistent posting is crucial though – One or two images a day is enough. Try to post at similar times each day so your followers will start to get used to a routine. Remember, your followers are following you because they like to view your content so if you are inactive for a few weeks/months it’s likely your followers will become disinterested.

6 – Follow & support similar accounts.

I remember at the beginning of the year I made I conscious decision to engage more with like-minded influencers. I run a fashion/beauty blog so if I saw an image of an outfit I liked on instagram, I would simply ‘like’ it or leave a comment under the post. You’d be amazed how quickly my own engagement went up the moment I started to interact with other accounts. I was receiving much more regular likes and comments per post. (And from REAL PEOPLE – not from ‘bots’!) I remember reading somewhere that a lot of the top-tier influencers spend a good hour of their day just liking and returning comments and interacting with their followers.

7 – Attend an Influencer Networking or Speaker Event.

A great way to connect with fellow influencers and bloggers in the community is to attend an influencer networking or speaker event. Yes – in REAL LIFE! It’s the ideal way of meeting new people with similar interests who are going on the same journey as you. Perhaps you’ll find other people to team up with on your latest project and even form friendships at the same time! Doing a collaboration with another influencer is advantageous for both parties, as you are reaching their followers and they are reaching yours! What’s really useful at these kind of events is there often are popular influential guest speakers who share the secrets to their online success. (Perhaps you’ll even bump into a big influencer you follow and get some tips in person!)

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Back to the list!

8 – Don’t purchase a ridiculous number of followers.

There are no end of websites that offer packages where you can buy fake followers to increase your following. Whilst this is way of making you/your brand look more popular in the hope of attracting real followers you will soon notice the lack the engagement that comes with having ‘bots’ (Robot accounts). I wouldn’t recommend taking the easy route and buying 50,000 followers as you are left with an account that looks fake as the bots can’t like your images or interact with you. Brands are quick to spot these kind of accounts and won’t want to work with you.

9 – The same goes for likes & comments.

I know what you’re thinking – “But can’t you buy likes and comments too?!” Yes, that is true but why would you run an account where you constantly have to pay for every single image you post just so you can just keep up appearances? It would be an awful lot of hard work and your engagement will never increase organically that way. Plus you’ll never be able to make an income from it in the future.

10 – Keep using those hashtags!

I know it can be a bore sometimes but hashtags continue to be a way to get discovered by new accounts and help you to find others too. Here’s a time-saving tip: Have all of your hashtags pre-written in a notes app on your phone so you can just copy and paste the ones you need into your post. You can use up to 30 hashtags per post.

11 – Tagging works too!

Don’t forget to tag accounts associated with your post. If you’re modelling an outfit, tag the brands where your clothes are from. Or if you’re at a restaurant tag the location. (You might be lucky and get a repost = free promotion!) You can tag up to 20 accounts per post.

12 – Don’t be afraid to approach bigger brands.

There’s nothing wrong with aiming high and pitching your ideas to a brand you admire. Perhaps there’s a clothing company you follow who use influencers in their feed? Many instagrammers can make money and secure sponsorship deals matching up with suitable brands. You can also get compensated in exchange for gifted products or paid per post/ad. The more genuine followers and public engagement you have the more companies will organically approach you about being an influencer / ambassador for their brand. It’s all about YOU reaching THEIR target audience. Technically speaking, YOU are the brand/product. If you have a blog or website add the link to your instagram bio as it’s a great way to showcase more of your work.

13 – Join an Influencer Agency / Digital Marketing Company.

If you think you need a helping hand to secure brand partnerships perhaps you may benefit in joining a company that represents social media influencers. Their job is to pair influencers with brands whilst matching target audiences and content needs. I would recommend a company like Hachi Digital.

Take a look on the website:

14 – Switch to a Business Account.

If you have a business account on Instagram there are options to pay to promote your posts or page to a wider audience. This isn’t the same as buying fake likes or followers – but rather a tool to allow your content to reach more people. The perks of having a business account are you can view your ‘Insights’ and observe the analytics. The data will show you interesting info on every post such as who the audience are, your overall reach, how many new followers you got from each post, how many times your profile was viewed and where your post was viewed the most. This is very helpful in discovering what content is working and what content isn’t.


15 – Don’t believe everything you see on Instagram!

Somebody recently said to me that they decided to come off Instagram because they couldn’t keep up with the world of make-believe. People have become surprisingly good at editing photos and creating the perfect picture that we hardly know if what we’re seeing is real anymore. But even with that knowledge, why is it we are so quick to compare ourselves to others nowadays? Over the years of using Instagram, I have learnt to not take everything I see at face-value. I know how long it takes to organise a flat-lay for a insta-perfect (yet natural looking) photo. It’s time consuming and I applaud anyone who manages to do it on a daily basis – it’s an art. And as for those flawless selfies, just remind yourself that not only one photo was taken – probably more like 30. Maybe even more. Plus a filter or two. (We all do it because we want to showcase our best self to the world.) It’s good to bear this in mind when you start doubting your own abilities. When you stop comparing yourself to others and start embracing your own uniqueness you and your content will begin to thrive!

I hope this article has taught you a little bit about what I have learnt from instagram and how I grew my account to become an Influencer. Remember different things work for different people so don’t be afraid to experiment with your brand.

You never know unless you try!

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