Nutrilicious – Guilt Free Snacking

Do you like snacking? Do you like guilt free snacking?! If so, then this product is definitely for you!

This week, I have been testing the new Organic Protein Bites range from ‘Nutrilicious‘.

Pumpkin seeds are the key ingredient and there’s a tasty twist in each of the four different flavours available. Customer’s can choose between the:

  • Belgian Milk Chocolate
  • Belgian Dark Chocolate
  • Belgian White Chocolate
  • Tamari Spice (All with pumpkin seeds)

They may be small but pumpkin seeds are known to be a great source of protein and unsaturated (healthy) fats, including omega-3. Pumpkin seeds are loaded with nutrients that are associated with several health benefits. All the ingredients used in the Nutrilicious range are 100% organic – so with all this good news, I couldn’t wait to try them!

I love chocolate so I was instantly drawn to trying the three chocolate versions first. And they did not disappoint! They are all rich in flavour and after a small taste they satisfied my sweet craving immediately! The chocolate combined with the pumpkin seeds work perfectly!

Next, I tried the spicy pumpkin seed option and I have to say these were also delicious! I usually prefer sweet things over savoury but I really enjoyed the taste of the spices. (I actually think this was my favourite out of the four!) The flavour is great with the crunchy texture and is a fab alternative to someone who usually opts for a savoury snack over a sweet one.

What really sells Nutrilicious to me is that the products are all high in protein and low in carbs. I really did feel guilt-free eating these knowing that they are 100% organic and are providing me with nutritional benefits at the same time! These would make the perfect snack after a gym workout / sports activity or just in between meals when you’re feeling a bit peckish!

Check out the Nutrilicious range to try some for yourself! :

Nutrilicious – Click Here! [Amazon]

Happy Guilt-Free Snacking !
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