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I love how easy it is nowadays to get hold of the latest trends from the comfort of your own home. Remember the time when we used to get clothing catalogues through the door and you’d have to fill out and post back a little order form with the item number on? (Even then it would take weeks for your delivery to arrive!) But now, we live in an era where although fashion is moving and changing fast it’s much more attainable.

Websites such as are a life-saver. Boohoo are always one step ahead of the fashion game with up to 100 new pieces hitting the site every day and a new collection each week. Originating, in Manchester over the last few years Boohoo have gone from strength to strength and are now one of the global fashion leaders of it’s generation.

I use the Boohoo site pretty much daily! It covers all of your clothing needs. From lingerie to sportswear to coats to dresses to jeans to shoes you’re sure to find something that will take your fancy!

I decided to put my own Boohoo outfit together and head into Central London with Zoe Griffin Photography to make some pretty pics!


❤ Boohoo Outfit Details ❤


Coat: Kate Belted Shawl Collar Coat (Pink)

Dress: Boutique Odette Crochet Midi Dress (White)

Bag: Alicia Bow Front Clutch Bag (White)

Necklace: Ruby Diamante Bling Choker (Silver)








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