Bioxin Day & Night Cream Combo

This week, I am reviewing the BIOXIN REGENERATIVE DAY AND NIGHT COMBO from


As a professional model, it is integral that I look after my skin. I normally moisturise my skin in the morning, after washing my face and before putting on my makeup. I have never used a DAY and NIGHT combo cream before so I was eager to give it a try and see if I could see any results!

Bauer were kind enough to send me their Regenerative Day & Night Cream Combo Set for me to review.

I started with the BIOXIN DAY CREAM. Following my usual cleansing routine, I applied a small amount of cream to all areas of my face in light circular motions. The cream felt light and fresh and I noticed that it was absorbed quickly into the skin. I was pleased to discover acted as a great primer for my makeup as my foundation concealer glided nicely over the top without the cream creating any residue. My face stayed moisturised the whole day without it looking or feeling greasy.



Later that day, I removed my makeup with a cleansing wipe and washed my face to prepare my skin for the BIOXIN NIGHT CREAM. The cream had a similar fresh scent to the day cream but was slightly thicker in consistency. Nevertheless, it absorbed into the skin just as well as the day cream.

The following morning, I noticed that my skin felt soft and smooth, particularly on my cheeks and under the eyes. My face overall looked nicely hydrated and appearance of my fine lines were reduced.

I am definitely going to continue using the Bioxin Day & Night Creams as after one application I’ve already noticed positive results. I love the fact that the two creams are slightly different but ultimately work in conjunction with one another!


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